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About Us

Why Equitable Adjusters, LLC. is best prepared to advise and assist you in a prompt, satisfactory settlement for your claim.

Taken from the insurance industries: “Who’s Who In Insurance And Risk Management

Bouganim, Jacob
President, Equitable Adjusters, LLC., (Headquarters) Glenwood Rd., Roslyn Harbor, NY 11576; (NY Office) 1412 broadway, New York, NY 10018, 3rd floor Cell# (718)288-2238; Cell# (516)779-1522; FAX 866-247-0058.
[email protected].
Personal Email: [email protected]
Born December 26, 1957 in Brooklyn,NY. Educated in Brooklyn College, Business Law, Accounting; Magen David Yeshiva, Brooklyn, NY.
Member:Assoc. Member, Real Estate Bd. of New York; Licensed Realtor; Past Pres., B’nai B rith, Brooklyn, NY; Initial member of Sephardic Friends of Maimonides Hospital; Real Estate Dir. of Royal Farms Supermarkets(15 yrs.).
Career: Licensed Public Adjuster, 35 yrs., Florida, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Nationwide and Internationally. Member of National Assoc. of Public Ins. Adjusters; Previous standing as: Insurance Advisory Committee, Real Estate Bd. of City of New York. Considered Leading International; Expert in Representing Assureds and Preparing Property Damage Claims; Extensively versed in determination of sound value, business interruption, loss and damages; has been utilized by banks, management companies, attorneys, courts, accountants and Insurance brokers to act in this capacity.

Equitable Adjusters, LLC in business for over 35 years – headed by President & CEO Jacob Bouganim, a bonded & licensed public adjuster. Over the course of that time, Mr. Bouganim has successfully adjusted hundreds of multi-million dollar claims Nationwide and Internationally.

Currently, Equitable Adjusters, LLC. is the only public adjusting firm admitted to the prestigious Real Estate Insurance Committee of the Real Estate Board of the City of NY – REBNY.

Equitable Adjusters is also an admitted member of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters – NAPIA.

Building and Construction Experts – Equitable Adjusters maintains a staff of expert building appraisers who can provide you with accurate estimates at no extra charge.

Inventory Experts – To aid the assured in a complete and careful inventory analysis, Equitable Adjusters offers a group of inventory specialists, trained to achieve a maximum recovery.

Mold Loss Experts – Through Equitable Adjusters affiliation with world-renowned industrial hygienists and mold experts, we have successfully won substantial mold claim awards for our policy holders/insureds.

Worldwide Adjusting Services – Equitable Adjusters has greatly enhanced its services by establishing a network of subsidiary and affiliate corporations. Today, multi-national U.S. corporations can call upon the services of Equitable Adjusters, LLC., throughout the United States and overseas and still be guaranteed the same high standard of service that we have provided for our clients.

We are also recognized experts in proving:

  • Business Interruption Claims
  • Water Damage Claims
  • Fire Damage Claims
  • Smoke Damage Claims
  • All Allied Claims
    For Home Or Business

Equitable Adjusters can assist the insured in obtaining all necessary emergency services required by most all insurance policies (ie. board up services, plumbing services, drying services, miscellaneous remediation services and security services – 24 Hours a day / 7 Days a week